6 Excellent Tips On Using The Makeup Sponge

On October 26th 2020 by admin

A beauty makeup blender sponge is the most important item in your makeup kit, either you are a makeup artist, fashionista, a minimalist look fan, or you apply makeup occasionally. Beauty products makeup sponge suppliers, designers, and manufacturers have introduced makeup blender sponges and exfoliating facial sponges of different sizes and shapes. Different shapes of the makeup sponge include triangle, pear, and egg-shaped sponges. The different makeup sponges are handy, but for the best result and long usage, you need to know how to care for it properly. To help all makeup lovers, here are some amazing tips shared with you to help.

1. Wet or dry makeup sponge:

Always make sure that you wet your makeup sponge before use every time. Especially make it wet if you are using to apply liquid-based makeup, like the liquid foundation for its even application. Moreover, you should squeeze out properly the excess water. Squeeze the sponge with the help of a dry paper towel, otherwise, the sponge will be damage by hard hands

2. Clean makeup sponge after use:

Dead skin particles, dirt, and oil particles from the skin cling to the sponge when you use a makeup sponge. It increases skin infections and breakout risks. If you clean your sponge once a week, it is not enough. Skin is a very sensitive part; you should wash or cleanse your makeup sponge after every use. After using the sponge, rinse it with tap water, dry the sponge with a soft, dry paper towel, and then use olive oil and mild soap to clean it. Before storing into the box, make sure that it should not hold any moisture.

3. Put sponge to multiple uses:

There are several types of sponges, like for blending makeup, for applying foundation, for powder or cleansing skin, etc. you should know the nature of the makeup sponge. For instance, the pear-shaped makeup sponges are ideal for eye-makeup blending as it has soft edges. you can use a similar makeup sponge from the backside for foundation or blush blending. You can use a single sponge for multiple uses.

4. Rubbing does not provide the desired results:

While using the makeup sponge, always use it with light hands. Rubbing the sponge on the face damages the skin and also creates patches of the makeup. In simple words, uneven makeup or cracks of the foundation become visible by rubbing the sponge. Always use the stippling technique to avoid the problem and get the desired result.  Tapping and using the sponge with light hands result in the natural makeup look.

5. Store in ambient conditions:

Avoid using zip lock storing bags for makeup sponges as blocks the air and lack of sunlight. This creates ambient conditions for the development of bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. You should use any antimicrobial makeup sponge protector case, that helps in ventilation.

6. Change old makeup sponges:

Makeup sponges also have expiration dates. They do not serve any beneficial purpose when they completed their lifespan. You should change your makeup sponge after every three months. As three months are the average lifespan of the makeup products.

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