Can you do your facial at your home?

On December 28th 2020 by admin

Yes! You can pamper yourself at home. You all should give time to yourself. You will feel fresh and happy when you care for your skin. You can give yourself a facial at home. It is a fabulous way to keep skin fresh and glowing, even without spending salon treatment expenses. It is strongly recommended by a staunch advocate of natural and organic skincare to use products made from pure ingredients and free from toxic chemicals while doing a facial at home. For instance, a charcoal konjac sponge is one of the organic skincare products. It is true that good quality skincare products made from pure, 100% natural, and organic ingredients offer the best facial results as well as being healthier.

The skin is our most important largest organ that needs to be nurtured with the same quality of fresh, pure ingredients topically as you feed our bodies internally. Especially in this winter season, your skin needs moisture and a lot of care. Doing a facial at home with truly natural skincare makes your skin glow with health.

Why Give Yourself a Facial at Home?

The facial process is an extension of your other skin maintenance. Facials must be done at night as your skin is ready to get a repair. A facial is the best chance to disconnect from home chores and relax into leisure time – simultaneously treat yourself and tend to skin’s desires under various circumstances. Either you are struggling with a lack of work, relationship worry, or any concern related to the current situations, a facial is the best way to decompress and boost up morale. Facials need to be done at night when your skin is ready to heal; think of it as another method to relax. Your skin renews every 20-30 days.

Follow the steps of facial:

STEP1: Cleansing:

Apply a small amount of facial skincare cleanser to the face and neck. Spread evenly on the skin, add few drops of water, and massage slowly in circular motions. Remove the cleaner with damp cotton pads properly until completely removed.

STEP 2: Steam up your skin:

Transfer hot water into a bowl, be careful in this step, and lean over the hot water, covering the head with a facial towel to contain the hot steam. Allow the facial skin to steam gently for at least 5 minutes. This step opens the pores of your skin. If you have a facial steamer, then it is effortless to do.

STEP 3: Exfoliate skin:

After steaming, when pores are open, apply an exfoliator to the face and neck and massage softly. You can use charcoal konjac sponge in circular motion gently, avoid the eye area. Wipe your skin again with damp cotton pads or cloth.

STEP 4: Massage face and neck:

The next step is to apply natural facial oil or serum that suits your skin. Massage your skin from forehead to neck in circular motions, press the pressure points gently. Then wipe out excess facial oil.

STEP 5: Skin mask:

Lie facial mask to your skin that suits in a reclining position with chamomile tea bags or cucumber slices over your eyes for just 5-10 minutes. After removing the mask with a damp cloth or facial sponge, wipe your skin with cotton pads until adequately removed.

STEP 6: Moisturizer:

The last step is applying moisturizer. Take a little amount of moisturizer and apply with light hands on your face for a new complexion.

Soft Care Konjac Sponge

Soft Care Konjac Sponge

Soft Care Konjac Sponge

Soft Care Konjac Sponge

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