Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin from Sun

On April 12th 2018 by admin

We see many people around who are very conscious of getting sun exposure, whenever they’re asked to hang out at beach, to go for picnic, or even take an afternoon walk, the most important reason they have to deny all these offers is, — I am afraid of getting sun exposure, since I got a very sensitive skin!

In the present day environment, our skin is hazardously affected in the form of air and water pollution. Excessive exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays can result in skin cancer. Though cosmetic market today is filled with massive branded skin protection creams, yet they aren’t successful in yielding effective results all times.

There are some natural ways that can surely help you protect your skin against those ultraviolet rays, and can keep your face ever glowing and healthy

Let’s have a look at important ways;

· Eat foods that provide UV protection

Just like the internal glow of skin matters more than an external one, similarly, it’s also imperative to protect your skin internally rather protecting it superficially by applying skin protection creams, and sunscreens.

However, the primary step to protect your skin from UV rays is, consume those foods which provide UV protection such as;

Fish – it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids like tuna, mackerel, wild salmon, and sardines. According to various studies conducted, it protects cells from free radical harm and may secure against a few kinds of skin growth.

Veggies & Red, Orange fruits – Fruits like oranges, apple, pomegranates; vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and food like red peppers; Consuming foods like these helps in protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays and make it radiant.

·  Apply refined Coconut oil on your skin

It works so well to protect your skin from the sun and it also leaves you with the most amazing tan you would have ever seen.

You can also try some other oils for skin protection like Avocado, olive oil, and sesame

·  Cover your skin

Wearing clothes that cover your skin is a very effective way to protect your skin from being damaged by the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Wearing clothes made up of tightly woven material is extremely helpful in keeping the UV rays at bay from your skin.

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