Steps To Make Konjac Sponge At Home

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As we all know the skin benefits of the konjac sponge, you can buy varieties of konjac cleansing sponges. Now, an online wholesale konjac sponge is available; still, you want to make a sponge at home, read the following.

Mix The Essential Ingredients:

Take water and calcium hydroxide and add them to konjac flour, and stir thoroughly. If you see limps or air entering the mixture, the product is defective. Therefore, this complex stage of the production process is critical to quality control.

Pour Into The Mold

You have to do the process carefully, one by one, to ensure no air bubbles get into the sponge mixture. Liquid konjac becomes hardened rapidly, so if poured too slowly to deform the product. The konjac mixture remains in a jelly state, but it solidifies and gets stiff over time. This process makes konjac with a firm, blendable texture.

Boil For A Few Hours To Harden

While you boil the konjac, it undergoes an alkali heat hardening process that makes it ready to eat. Heat spreads the inside of the konjac, and boiling endures until the solidification procedure is complete.

The Konjac Used For Our Sponge Puffs Is Complete

The konjac is hot, so that you can cool it down slowly in a water tub. Slowly cooled konjac mixture becomes a high-quality facial sponge.

The Sponges Are Freeze-Dried

You repeat the freezing and thawing process in a special freezer. The wholesale konjac sponge manufacturers have some proprietary techniques to freeze. The basic process is as follows:

  • Freezing splits the water and solids (konjac fibers), and the water converts to ice.
  • When thawed, the parts of the konjac sponge that contained ice became spacious.
  • The initially elastic konjac fiber remains and becomes a soft sponge.

Place Into A Drying Room

You can wash the thawed sponges with boiling water, then dehydrate them after sterilization- moved to the drying room. Drying them at a slow speed ensures that they do not deform. It is another key to high-quality konjac sponges.

The Packing And The Process Are Complete

You have to examine each konjac sponge by the following quality-control checklist:

  • Scratches and foreign pollutes
  • Deformation and discoloration
  • Actual measurement of size and weight
  • Exact measurement of pH and Tu values, etc.

Now it is your turn: Rehydrate the konjac facial sponge with hot water. It will become soft and absorbent.

When you receive your soft konjac sponge, it will look and feel stiff. Few people believe that it has crossed its expiry date or it is damaged. But it is not the case; you have to put your newly bought konjac sponge in hot water, about 40ºC. It is the ideal temperature for bathing, and rub it lightly; it will swell to about 50% of its original sponge size and become a soft sponge. You can enjoy and care for your skin by exfoliating skin. Moreover, konjac sponges have various types which you can add charcoal, red clay, etc.

Soft Care Konjac Sponge

Soft Care Konjac Sponge

Soft Care Konjac Sponge

Soft Care Konjac Sponge

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